Monday, January 30, 2012

have good English reading and writing skills and presentation skills

5-year assistant to the president and the large financial group director of three years work experience in the Secretariat; with professional integrity, ethics, sense of responsibility and good team spirit;
TEM8, have good English reading and writing skills and presentation skills;
Planning to organize several events, coordination, organizational ability; for conference organization, conference and meeting management to protect a wealth of experience;Has participated in foreign project negotiations, business contacts, have good communication skills and business development skills, strong logical thinking, careful work, ability to learn;Has a wealth of team building, project management and coordination, process management and marketing, project planning, budget control and timely completion of work ability, strong business development and client communication skills. Familiar with SAP and Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and other operating systems and interfaces. Able to skillfully communicate in English and written expression.
In marketing, channel management and customer service has extensive experience and ability of the compound talents. In the first-class business and high-tech company has more than 15 years of department and project management experienceWedding Favor Ideas, with 2 years of overseas work experience. Good team building, customer satisfaction measures to enhance the planning and implementation, process development and improvement, must guide the customer and good communication skills.Received several important domestic and foreign guests, have knowledge of international business etiquette and hospitality experience and skills;
Familiar with the process of investment and financing, have a good project operation capabilities, rich experience in project planning and excellent copywriting capabilities;Procurement program six years of experience creating and selling my products on the procurement, production, testing, transaction management, control and process very well, with large foreign procurement, planning and management experience, familiar with 5S, FMEA production and quality management control system, and are familiar with electronic components. Good corporate budget planning, procurement knowledge and skills. Strong domestic and international market research capabilities, expertise in analysis, communication and cooperation with team spirit. Work initiative, flexible, high voltage, and his sincere, loyal to the company. In addition, overseas study and life experience made me very enthusiastic about new technologies, willing to accept new challenges, and future market trends and a keen insight into the concept of advanced foreign management have a deep understanding. Proficient use of WORD, EXCELL, POWERPOINT, etc. software. Confident in their own knowledge structure, experience and skills for your company in the market development, procurement, Delicate Wedding Favors planning, etc. to make reasonable suggestions.I am a veteran, graduate. From 1992 to 1995 soldiers to the Chinese People's Armed Police in Jiangxi People's Armed Police Corps, 1996 to 1999, the Shanghai branch of China Everbright security section of work from 2000 to 2004 the U.S. Colgate - Palmolive Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch to do sales assistant, 2004 to 2008 to make sales on behalf of Wyeth pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 2008, Pacific trading company in Shenzhen to do key customers, sales director,
I have the biggest advantage is more familiar and KA channels, focusing on customer supermarkets, wholesale markets, have very good relationships. Familiar with the process and end-market dealers, I believe I can, I can do ...

growth and foreign trade

After six months of logistics sales work, I gained some sales experience, enhanced communication skills, adaptability, growth and foreign trade, logistics expertise, to develop a proactive work habits, team collaboration and fearing neither hardship nor tired spirit. I passed on the market and customers in-depth analysis, and honest communication with customers and other multi-level approach, the successful development of the customer, and concerted efforts of the entire team to provide customers with a professional, hard, good service, received by customers. During college, I passed the CET, CET and Mandarin grade examination, experience and achievements over me to participate in international trade logistics or related work in the competition has its own advantagesWonderful Wedding Favor Ideas .PricewaterhouseCoopers last five years audit experience, and proficiency in Kingdee, UF financial software, Office productivity software, and Windows systems; English through the National TEM8; love music, love to readTEM8, English four, CET.Graduate reading: Foreign Trade and Economic University (foreign trade and economic translation of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics direction)
In the school office: Student Union Secretary General, the squad leaderChina Age Group: the formation of participating companies , with business growth, as the post of secretary, president, after confidential headquarters at the same time keep a close watch, the company and its subsidiaries colleagues to win recognition.
SPRG: contact BLACKBERRY, APPLE and RICOH and other major international brands.
LAN CLUB: to help business banquets and other activities, are familiar with high-end business atmosphere.
My ability to learn and adaptable, I will provide an opportunity for the company I go all out, consistently.Text with rich experience, innovative thinking, planning, fit the market and customer needs, good advertising brand items, enterprise culture, the depth of planning, theme activities, packaging, executive management and process monitoring, resource rich media relations, with a bold line calm power and ease of mind,Wedding Favor Ideas strong sense of responsibility. With 8 years of advertising, marketing experience in the field of operation, six years of team management experience.
I value teamwork, coordination, high compression capability, responsible, steady work, strong sense of responsibility. For the production, technology, health management, quality in full confidence of the system have some knowledge of the operation, hoping to work with you to develop.Results-oriented, good at problem-solving initiative is the biggest feature. Perseverance, responsibility, good communication, ability, organizational skills, team spirit is good protection work. 5 years work experience, 2 years experience working in government departments, corporate director of two years experience in skilled Cantonese and good English communication skills, familiar with the content and administrative work processes, systems development and staff training.