Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Responsibilities and Achievements

Skillful project management in the ralph lauren polo shirtsfield of GSM900/1800 network, responsibility within contract acquisition, negotiation and implementation
Main responsible of,-Price offer, price analysis, negotiation of scope of supply and delivery schedule-System order, delivery, claim and coordinate within implementation phase-Middle level customer interface regarding business planning, new tech phase-in and sales channel support Lacoste Polo Shirts
-Conflict-shoot oriented, coordination among HQ in Germany, production and service for an on-time and smooth project implementation
Collective responsible of,-Contract proposal and close up, negotiaCheap Lacoste Polo Shirtstion of final price and service schedule-PAC and FAC acquisition
Senior Product Manager of a fortune 500 company. More than 6 Y MNC working experience, 2 of which oversea. Solid knowledge of PM and MKT esp. in telecom, IT & durable consumer industry. Excellent analysis/learning capability, interpersonal and team management skill. Excellent English, good German. Responsible for the growth of the refrigerator product business in China via product range plan, design/brand strategy, pricing policy as well as the successful execution of projects & plans.Achieved results include,ralph lauren polo shirts
§Strategic Planning- Category Analysis 2005 – provide an in-depth understanding of the current industry, competitor and target consumer as well as the future trend- 3 Year Range Plan – product mix & generation plan for 2006-2008 based on macro trends, industry/consumer lens and business strategy- Market Forecast - 5 year forecast for total market and 3 year forecast of sales, revenue, price, cost & GP for Electrolux product§Commercial Management- Product Launch – ensure an accurate execution of product launch plan between marketing, sales, logistic & production, evaluate market message, POS merchandize and media message based on product conceptLacoste Polo ShirtsCheap Lacoste Polo Shirts
- Business Review – evaluate product viability, ensure the target profit plan and decide for necessary product improvement by in-depth analysis on sales data, GP report and 3rd party market report as well as direct market feedback - Annual Budget – annual project plan and EOL plan, forecast sales, revenue, price, cost & GP for all SKUhttp://www.dogswithblogs.com.au/bonezone