Sunday, March 14, 2010

GSM system

In this circumstance, it's an urgent demand to supply short message service with an additional security protection.Aiming at security flaws of current GSM system, considering security demands of three entities in short message service: system, user and short message, a design solution of short message security sytem which based on application layer secure short message protocol is put forward, implemented and tested. Problems wait to settle and system's object are confirmed by researching on the GSM network's security actuality, which, is to provide short message service with three security services: bi-directional authentication based on ECC, encryption based on AES, integrity checking based on HASH, implement approach of each security service is expounded later. With comparing advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of solutions of system, a design solution which based on secure short message protocol and GSM modem is brought forword, taking into account the actual condition.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shuguangmianfan. co.Ltd

Self-evaluation : bright, stable, dynamic, but warm and polo shirts, full of innovative spirit. Work in a conscientious and responsible, proactive. Able to work hard, to endure ralph lauren polo shirts. A strong ability to organize and coordinate, practical skills and team spirit groups, can rapidly adapt to the environment and integration. Tashi work, consciously subordinate companies discipline and loyalty to the firm

Desired Type of Employment:Full-time
Desired Job Industry:Trading/Import and Export cheap ralph lauren polo shirts/Water Resource Banking Machine Manufacturing/Heavy Industry Government/Nonprofit Organization
Desired Job Category:Foreign Trade Manager/Supervisor/Specialist/Assistant Transportation Agents Sea/Triphibian/Air Transportation HR Generalist Office and Administrative Manager/Supervisor
Desired City:Tianjin Qinhuangdao Europe
Desired Salary: before tax RMB
Desired Salary:Negotiable
I can start from:Within 1 Week
A troupe of little vagrants of the world
footprints in my words
puts off its mask of vastness
one song
kiss of the eternal

Xi'an Fanyi University

* Prepare sales contract for customer's chi hair straightener.* Translate document about the related order and communicate with QC in factory who is in charge of this order.* Follow up with on-going order, update related information and communicate with customer timely for chi straightener. * Handle travel arrangement (schedule, accommodation, flight ticket etc.) and serve as an interpreter when customers need to inspect factory and products.* Attend large-scale garment exhibition every year and help collect market information.
Desired Type of Employment:Full-time
Desired Job Industry:Trading/Import and Export chi straighteners Banking Energy/Water Resource
Desired Job Category:Business Specialist/Assistant Foreign Trade Manager/Supervisor/Specialist/Assistant Executive Assistant/Secretary
Desired City:Shanghai
Desired Salary: before taxmonthly salaryRMB7000 RMB
Desired Salary:Negotiable
I can start from:Negotiable
we were dear to each other
peace in my heart
mighty desert
you miss the sun
sands in your way

IBM Research-China

*Sure-footed,professional,self-motivated, reliable,detailed orientated.*Good business-sense and flexible solution to sudden happenings.*Ability to handle high volume of assignment and work well independently under pressure.*Excellent verbal and written ability in English.*Strong proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel, Advanced Presentation skills ( northface outlet) *Be familiar with all the operation of Foreign Trade with two years'relevant north face outlet.
*Provide organizational support to Executive.Manage lotus calendar through careful planning,coordination and communication.Schedule meetings for internal and external use on daily basis.Maintain network with global assistants, understanding organization cheap northface jackets.*Assist in receiving international visitors and provide general admin support during stay when necessary.*Arrange travel plan for Executive and handle all logistics related and process expense claim involved in.*Provide administrative assistance for the technical workshop launched by Executive.*Support other lab-wide events assigned by operation manager. Open day,Campus recruitment,Eweek.etc
the music of sadness
the strings of the lingering heart
the seagulls and the waves
Her wishful face
haunts my dreams

University of International Business and Economy

More than 5 years work experiences Good command of spoken and written English. Good computer skills(word/excel/PPT) Self-motivated,high degree of accuracy and attention to detail Understand the financial work process A good ralph lauren polo shirts,flexible, mature, and ambitious; fast polo shirts

As a HR specialist,,main work is recruitment,train,staff insurance and so on. In charge of the executive work of the whole company,to stipulate regulations,make executive budget and control cost,purchasing management etc. Provide secretarial support to the Project Manager A ralph lauren polo to Capital International Airport, main business is to sale hotel rooms and tour products to travelers .Main responsibility is to handle routine work in the office ,to supervise and train sales persons ,to coordinate the manager to reach the sale object.
life is bubble

Friday, March 5, 2010


Every nation has its own cultural tradition. The same can be said of China. Chinese people put great value on Lacoste Polo Shirts among them, yet the way to express feelings is quite different from that in western countries, where kissing is considered common just as Cheap Lacoste Polo Shirts in China. Under the influence of western culture, many young people swallow blindly the fresh and exciting way of expressing love. However, we must know that opening door to the outside world doesn’t mean welcoming everything with exotic tastes. We must learn to distinguish what’s proper and what’s improper for Lacoste Shirts. It is by no means a good thing for one to imitate something foreign just for showing that he or she is an avant-garde. Our attitudes towards public kiss may change as time goes on, but I assume it still have a long way to go.In my opinion, love is private and should be treated privately. We can equally express our deep feelings towards a person without public kisses. Still water runs deep.