Monday, January 30, 2012

have good English reading and writing skills and presentation skills

5-year assistant to the president and the large financial group director of three years work experience in the Secretariat; with professional integrity, ethics, sense of responsibility and good team spirit;
TEM8, have good English reading and writing skills and presentation skills;
Planning to organize several events, coordination, organizational ability; for conference organization, conference and meeting management to protect a wealth of experience;Has participated in foreign project negotiations, business contacts, have good communication skills and business development skills, strong logical thinking, careful work, ability to learn;Has a wealth of team building, project management and coordination, process management and marketing, project planning, budget control and timely completion of work ability, strong business development and client communication skills. Familiar with SAP and Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and other operating systems and interfaces. Able to skillfully communicate in English and written expression.
In marketing, channel management and customer service has extensive experience and ability of the compound talents. In the first-class business and high-tech company has more than 15 years of department and project management experienceWedding Favor Ideas, with 2 years of overseas work experience. Good team building, customer satisfaction measures to enhance the planning and implementation, process development and improvement, must guide the customer and good communication skills.Received several important domestic and foreign guests, have knowledge of international business etiquette and hospitality experience and skills;
Familiar with the process of investment and financing, have a good project operation capabilities, rich experience in project planning and excellent copywriting capabilities;Procurement program six years of experience creating and selling my products on the procurement, production, testing, transaction management, control and process very well, with large foreign procurement, planning and management experience, familiar with 5S, FMEA production and quality management control system, and are familiar with electronic components. Good corporate budget planning, procurement knowledge and skills. Strong domestic and international market research capabilities, expertise in analysis, communication and cooperation with team spirit. Work initiative, flexible, high voltage, and his sincere, loyal to the company. In addition, overseas study and life experience made me very enthusiastic about new technologies, willing to accept new challenges, and future market trends and a keen insight into the concept of advanced foreign management have a deep understanding. Proficient use of WORD, EXCELL, POWERPOINT, etc. software. Confident in their own knowledge structure, experience and skills for your company in the market development, procurement, Delicate Wedding Favors planning, etc. to make reasonable suggestions.I am a veteran, graduate. From 1992 to 1995 soldiers to the Chinese People's Armed Police in Jiangxi People's Armed Police Corps, 1996 to 1999, the Shanghai branch of China Everbright security section of work from 2000 to 2004 the U.S. Colgate - Palmolive Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch to do sales assistant, 2004 to 2008 to make sales on behalf of Wyeth pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 2008, Pacific trading company in Shenzhen to do key customers, sales director,
I have the biggest advantage is more familiar and KA channels, focusing on customer supermarkets, wholesale markets, have very good relationships. Familiar with the process and end-market dealers, I believe I can, I can do ...

growth and foreign trade

After six months of logistics sales work, I gained some sales experience, enhanced communication skills, adaptability, growth and foreign trade, logistics expertise, to develop a proactive work habits, team collaboration and fearing neither hardship nor tired spirit. I passed on the market and customers in-depth analysis, and honest communication with customers and other multi-level approach, the successful development of the customer, and concerted efforts of the entire team to provide customers with a professional, hard, good service, received by customers. During college, I passed the CET, CET and Mandarin grade examination, experience and achievements over me to participate in international trade logistics or related work in the competition has its own advantagesWonderful Wedding Favor Ideas .PricewaterhouseCoopers last five years audit experience, and proficiency in Kingdee, UF financial software, Office productivity software, and Windows systems; English through the National TEM8; love music, love to readTEM8, English four, CET.Graduate reading: Foreign Trade and Economic University (foreign trade and economic translation of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics direction)
In the school office: Student Union Secretary General, the squad leaderChina Age Group: the formation of participating companies , with business growth, as the post of secretary, president, after confidential headquarters at the same time keep a close watch, the company and its subsidiaries colleagues to win recognition.
SPRG: contact BLACKBERRY, APPLE and RICOH and other major international brands.
LAN CLUB: to help business banquets and other activities, are familiar with high-end business atmosphere.
My ability to learn and adaptable, I will provide an opportunity for the company I go all out, consistently.Text with rich experience, innovative thinking, planning, fit the market and customer needs, good advertising brand items, enterprise culture, the depth of planning, theme activities, packaging, executive management and process monitoring, resource rich media relations, with a bold line calm power and ease of mind,Wedding Favor Ideas strong sense of responsibility. With 8 years of advertising, marketing experience in the field of operation, six years of team management experience.
I value teamwork, coordination, high compression capability, responsible, steady work, strong sense of responsibility. For the production, technology, health management, quality in full confidence of the system have some knowledge of the operation, hoping to work with you to develop.Results-oriented, good at problem-solving initiative is the biggest feature. Perseverance, responsibility, good communication, ability, organizational skills, team spirit is good protection work. 5 years work experience, 2 years experience working in government departments, corporate director of two years experience in skilled Cantonese and good English communication skills, familiar with the content and administrative work processes, systems development and staff training.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Document structure analysis

Good interpersonal communication skills, strong problem-shooting skills, good team-player & cross-function coordinator, keen-leaner, responsible, self-motivated, result-oriented, ability to work in dynamic environment and under pressure.Rich experience in XML-based CMS and publishing
-Document structure analysisprom dress
-Content reusecheap prom dress
-multi-channel publishing
-S1000D,DITA,ATA2200 and DocBook standard.
- 7 years experience of project management and implementation
- 5 years experience of Arbortext products customization and stylesheet develpment
- 5 years experience of S1000D standard
- 1 year experience of DITA Have experience in world class data warehouse(Petabytes) development, leading development teams in projectspolo shirts, cross-R&D-center cooperation, and business requirement analysis.Excellent communication skills.
Career Objective:prom dresses
Lead a talented team, build world class cheap lacoste polo shirtsdata warehouses for local/international enterprises.Qzonewrist

Smooth criminal

Have coordination skills

Sensible, independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment . Have coordination skills, teamwork spirit. Studious nature and dedication are my greatest strengths.
Career Objective:
A Position offering challenge and responsibility in the realm of consumer affairs or marketing.
An integrated person with rich managementlacoste polo shirts experience and extensive skills. More than 5 years product marketing and project management experience in large household appliances companies. Strong experience in team building, processes establishment.
A Finance Professional with abundant experiences in financial analysis and financial management, 10 years exposure in Multinational operations I am an enthusiastic and well-motivated individual, with excellent communication skills and the ability to fit quickly and effectively in any working environment.polo shirts
Career Objective:ed hardy trousers
I am expecting to become a senor professional in ed hardy hoodiesaccounting or finance areas through theed hardy underwear gradual accumulation of working experiences.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


When accounting publicly for the trend, Army commanders tend to avoid acknowledging that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq the future is always colormay be a cause. "A third of the confirmed suicides are committed by troops that had never deployed," McHugh recently told a House panel. But the other two-thirds killed themselves either in a war zone or after returning from one. "The suicide rate among soldiers who have deployed to [war zones] is higher than for soldiers who have never deployed," Colonel Intelligence everywhereElspeth Ritchie, a top Army psychiatrist, told a suicide-prevention conference in January. (Comment on this story.)Army leaders say that broken personal relationships seem to be the most common thread linking suicides. "The one transcendenTime is what you make of itt factor that we seem to have, if there's any one that's associated with [suicide], is fractured relationships of some sort," Lieut. General Eric Schoomaker, the Army surgeonThere's no place like home general, told a Senate panel last month. What they fail to note, however, is the corrosive effect repeated deployments can have on such relationships. Ritchie pointed out in January that there are "higher rates of mental-health problems and marital problems for multiple deployers." (Watch TIME's video "The Soldier's Experience: Iraq vs. Afghanistan.") Impossible made possible
In recent years, soldiers had been allowed only a year of dwell time before heading back to war. Even though dwell time is now getting closer to two years, research suggests it takes up to three years for the stress of a one-year combat deployment to abate.
The experience of combat itself may also play a role. "Combat increases fearlessness about death and the capability for suicide," said Craig Bryan, a University of Texas psychologist, briefing Pentagon officials in January. The combination of combat exposure and ready access to guns can be lethal to anyone contemplating suicide. About half of soldiers who kill themselves use weapons, and the figure rises to 93% among those deployed in war zones. Bryan, a suicide expert who recently left the Air Force, says the military finds itself in a catch-22. "We train our warriors to use controlled violence and aggression, to suppress strong emotional reactions in the face of adversity, to tolerate physical and emotional pain and to overcome the fear of injury and death," he told TIME. While required for combat, "these qualities are also associated with increased risk for suicide." Such conditioning cannot be dulled "without negatively affecting the fighting capability of our military," he adds. "Service members are, simply put, more capable of killing themselves by sheer consequence of their professional training." (See pictures about suicide in Army recruiters' ranks.)Bryan's research suggests that the Army's most effective suicide-prevention strategy would be to make its troops suicide-resistant rather than trying to intervene once soldiers have decided to kill themselves. The Army seems to be listening. Its goal is more aimed at "holistically improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of our soldiers and their families than solely focusing on suicide prevention," says General Peter Chiarelli, the service's No. 2 officer and its key suicide fighter. "If we do the first, we are convinced that the second will happen." His boss concurs. For too long, General Casey told a Senate panel March 3, "we were shooting behind the target," trying to prevent suicide when it was already too late.

Military Suicides Up Among Soldiers in Repeat Army Tours

From the invasion of Afghanistan until last kneel only to Godsummer, the U.S. military had lost 761 soldiers in combat there. But a higher number in the service - 817 - had taken their own lives over the same period. The surge Just have a little faithin suicides, which have risen five years in a row, has become a vexing problem for which the Army's highest levels of command have yet to find a solution despite deploying hundreds of mental-health experts and investing millions of dollars. And the elephant in the room in much of the formal discussion of the problem is the burden of repeated tours of What do you want from the future? combat duty on a soldier's battered psyche. The problem is exacerbated by the manpower challenges faced by the service, because new research suggests that repa plan to make all of this righteated combat deployments seem to be driving the suicide surge. The only way to apply the brakes will be to reduce the number of deployments per soldier andescape extend what the Army calls "dwell time" - the duration spent at home between trips to war zones. But the only way to make that possible would be to expand the Army's troop strength, or reduce the number of soldiers sent off to war.See pictures of an Army town's struggle with PTSD."It's frankly frustrating that with the level of effort that we've put out there, that we haven't stemmed the [suicide] tide," General George Casey, the Army's top officer, told a House panel March 23. When pressed by a lawmaker the previous month on whether the Army was getting closer to solving the challenge, Army Secretary John McHugh was blunt. "Sadly, the answer is not much closer," he told the Senate Armed Services Committee Feb. 23. "As to why people take this step - particularly as to why men and women in uniform do - we're still in many ways befuddled." Befuddled and frustrating are not words routinely deployed by Army leaders. But the service's suicide rate continues to rise (it doubled between 2001 and 2006) while remaining flat in the civilian population, even when adjusted to reflect the Army's age and gender. Last year, 160 active-duty soldiers killed themselves, up from 140 in 2008 and 77 in 2003. In order to get a better grip on the causes of the problem, the service has issued new orders telling its commanders how to conduct future suicide investigations so that they are consistent across the board, spokesman Gary Tallman says. The directive's stated goal is to pinpoint "the circumstances, methods and contributing factors surrounding the event" in hopes of generating "clear, relevant and practical recommendation(s) to prevent future suicides." The Army wants to know all about the dead soldier's personal relationships, final conversation, financial status, recent moods and other personality traits

Responsibilities and Achievements

Skillful project management in the ralph lauren polo shirtsfield of GSM900/1800 network, responsibility within contract acquisition, negotiation and implementation
Main responsible of,-Price offer, price analysis, negotiation of scope of supply and delivery schedule-System order, delivery, claim and coordinate within implementation phase-Middle level customer interface regarding business planning, new tech phase-in and sales channel support Lacoste Polo Shirts
-Conflict-shoot oriented, coordination among HQ in Germany, production and service for an on-time and smooth project implementation
Collective responsible of,-Contract proposal and close up, negotiaCheap Lacoste Polo Shirtstion of final price and service schedule-PAC and FAC acquisition
Senior Product Manager of a fortune 500 company. More than 6 Y MNC working experience, 2 of which oversea. Solid knowledge of PM and MKT esp. in telecom, IT & durable consumer industry. Excellent analysis/learning capability, interpersonal and team management skill. Excellent English, good German. Responsible for the growth of the refrigerator product business in China via product range plan, design/brand strategy, pricing policy as well as the successful execution of projects & plans.Achieved results include,ralph lauren polo shirts
§Strategic Planning- Category Analysis 2005 – provide an in-depth understanding of the current industry, competitor and target consumer as well as the future trend- 3 Year Range Plan – product mix & generation plan for 2006-2008 based on macro trends, industry/consumer lens and business strategy- Market Forecast - 5 year forecast for total market and 3 year forecast of sales, revenue, price, cost & GP for Electrolux product§Commercial Management- Product Launch – ensure an accurate execution of product launch plan between marketing, sales, logistic & production, evaluate market message, POS merchandize and media message based on product conceptLacoste Polo ShirtsCheap Lacoste Polo Shirts
- Business Review – evaluate product viability, ensure the target profit plan and decide for necessary product improvement by in-depth analysis on sales data, GP report and 3rd party market report as well as direct market feedback - Annual Budget – annual project plan and EOL plan, forecast sales, revenue, price, cost & GP for all SKU